Hi! Pac Tom is my project to run the length of every street in Pittsburgh. Check out the rules. It's called Pac Tom because it's like a very slow version of Pacman without the ghosts or power pills, and my name is Tom. As I run I write updates of my progress, collect data, and make maps and graphics out of the routes I take.

Pac Tom article (30 Nov 2013)
Local fame is mine! Here's a writeup of the Pac Tom project in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The man who will run all of Pittsburgh.

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Pac Tom is coming along pretty well. I've long since finished the whole of Continental Pittsburgh (area between the two rivers) and the South is all done except for a single run that I will probably use to finish up on Mt. Washington. I've taken a big chunk out of the North Side, with several of the most distant neighborhoods completely done. I've slowed down a bit, partly because I got out of shape after a tough year, but mostly because I'm a little afraid of finishing now! I probably only have about 10 trips left, and after that I'm not sure what I'll do with myself. (I mean my feet. I have loads of projects as usual.)

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